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You want to learn more about the Law of Attraction ?


Read this book first ...

Most Law of Attraction books focus on one specific aspect. This book is different in that it is a book about books, a meta book. It gives you a critical overview of what is taught about the Law of Attraction. In addition, you will learn how that knowledge is sold.

The first part provides the basics and an overview of the techniques taught to make this law work for you. This background knowledge will help you assess any Law of Attraction program you may find during your search. That way, you will know the difference between a truly innovative program and a rebranding of old material.

The book does not name specific programs, books or experts. Any list would be incomplete and outdated in a few months' time. However, to give you an idea, here is a list of well known experts.

In the second part, the book discloses and analyses what methods are used to sell the Law of Attraction and how you can take advantage of that knowledge. You will learn to recognize common sales tricks so that you can save money on your next Law of Attraction book or program purchase.

If you are looking for a “how to” book with step-by-step instructions or a list or rating of Law of Attraction experts, choose another book. This Non-Ultimate Guide wants to empower and teach you so you will know how to select the Law of Attraction book or program most appropriate for you.